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New homes are constructed for energy savings, but tight joints can produce stale indoor air.

A home ventilation system in Tucson, Arizona, can resolve that concern by exchanging stale enclosed air with fresh natural air.

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Does Your Living Space Require More Ventilation?

There now are a few dead giveaways that you have need of more airflow in your home.

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Scents Do Not Leave

You could possibly have a house ventilation problem if you have trouble removing pungent odors, like frying smells or cigarette smoke.

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Heavy Air

Your home’s air should be refreshing, not musty.

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Excessive Amount of Dirt Particles

While a certain amount of dust is unpreventable, rooms with insufficient air may contain a larger amount of dust.

5 Perks of an Effective Ventilation System

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Here are a handful of perks of including a system to your house:
  1. Enhances most HVAC systems.
  2. Provides crisp air without having to open windows.
  3. Lets you stay away from dirt.
  4. Removes bad scents.
  5. Can enhance your house’s interior air freshness.

Which Exact Ventilation System is Right for Your Living Space?

There are a pair of ventilation systems—heat recovery ventilation (HRV) and energy recovery ventilation (ERV).

While the two are suitable for brand new or renovated cost-saving homes, the style you demand takes into account your regional climate. Houses in some regions, such as the Midwest, can make use of the pair.

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Heat Recovery Ventilation

  1. Most suited for cold parts of the country.
  2. Removes air from your home and exchanges it with natural air from the outdoors.
  3. Maintains heat so you won’t have to reheat the refreshing air.

Energy Recovery Ventilation

  1. Most suited for arid locations.
  2. Distributes heat and excess moisture outside.
  3. Stabilizes moisture so you can run your air conditioning on fewer days.

Love Healthier Air with Improved Home Ventilation

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