The importance of heat pump maintenance

January 24, 2017

Having to pay for needless repairs isn’t superior on anyone’s to-do list, that’s why keeping up with heat pump maintenance is so crucial. The greatest time to stop a problem is before it arises. While we draw near the winter months in Tucson, you don’t want to be left in the cold because of a heat pump malfunction. Your heat pump will be operating hard this winter to keep you comfy. Annual heat pump maintenance from the team at Ambient Air will fix any current problems and analyze and address any problems that could otherwise lead to heat pump repair.

Routine heat pump maintenance is as imperative as getting the oil changed in your car. You wouldn’t go years on end without receiving an oil change – the same relates to heat pump maintenance. As with any mechanical system, there are numerous of things that should be examined so they don’t go wrong, and the pros at Ambient Air in Tucson will inspect all those moving fragments to make sure they aren’t heading toward a malfunction. Our specialists will inspect every moving function of your system, even your wiring, to guarantee that everything is working as it should.

There is also a simple thing that you can do as a homeowner to keep your heat pump running properly throughout the year: check your air filter. Frequently inspecting and keeping up with changing your air filter is a vital job to keep your system running correctly, avoiding unexpected heat pump repair. A dirty air filter confines airflow and creates extra tension on your heat pump to keep up with your thermostat. This will not only lessen your heat pump’s efficiency, it can also shorten the life of your system by causing added wear and tear. Another thing to [[keep in mind|remember]bear in mind]67] is your indoor air quality. All of the air in your home clears through your air filter. If your filter is dirty, so is your air.

The prolonged a problem goes ignored, the more harm it can do. We want to help you stay proactive and keep you from any unforeseen breakdowns, which come with unforeseen bills. If you haven’t yet arranged for heat pump maintenance, give the professionals at Ambient Air in Tucson a call at 520-357-4912.